Website Design


Landing Page For Gardening App

This is a landing page I designed for a concept app that would help urban gardeners be more efficient when gardening. The page collects email address and allows for contact with the development company but you will see the main focal point is directed at downloading the app. The main … < Read More >


Website Design for New Product Release

This is a website I built for a new product release. I’m very familiar with building wordpress template designs. Due to time constraints this was built starting with a preexisting theme and redesigned to fit the corporate image of the software company. If you visit the live website, on the … < Read More >


Milkrockets Website Design

About MilkRockets This is a website design by me. The website is not only designed by me, it is maintained by me. Tutorials are added monthly  teaching how to make puppets, how to use silicone for molding characters and much more. A lot of my video skills are put to … < Read More >


Introduction Video

This video animation was designed for a landing page. The primary focus was to explain how the software worked without getting overly technical. They want to show the concept of the software. The animation is simple and light. The story line was written by Scott Marino (That’s ME) and I … < Read More >


Twitter and Blog Design

While working at the Skin Rx Clinic, Inc. Located in Stuart Florida one of my responsibilities was to design and manage our new twitter, face book and blog account. I managed 2 writes who would publish articles strictly for the purpose if gaining organic traffic. I also implemented a suggested … < Read More >


Website Design

Bucky Dent’s Baseball School is a well-respected baseball school locate in Delray Beach, Florida under the direct supervision of Bucky Dent and Larry Hoskin, Bucky Dent’s Baseball School is committed to helping students improve their game and become better players. When the school was purchased by new owners, on of … < Read More >

Jeep banner ad

Jeep Grand Cherokee Website

This is an advertisement I designed for AMSI announcing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. AMSI is a multimedia car advertising company who manages 52 different car dealerships from Jeep, Jaguar, Ford, Honda to Aston Martin to name a few. My responsibility was to make new ad material from concept to completion. This is … < Read More >

facebook landing page design by scott marino

Facebook Landing Page

These are a few ads from a series I designed for a facebook ads campaign. The cars featured are run to a specific geographic location depending on the dealer. I designed this project from concept to completion. Click on designs to see them full size.


Rob3rt Glitch

This is a puppet character I made for a stop frame animation project. It was first made with plastaline clay. Then the clay sculpture was molded with fine grade plaster. A wire armature was built and then I used Polytk F5 foam to fill the mold. The finished character was … < Read More >


Pura Vida Cigars

Pura Vida Cigars are unlike any other cigar…Why?  Each cigar is handcrafted on a per-order basis using only the finest Cuban Seeded tobacco. Our master Cuban Makers skillfully blend the finest aged tobacco to bring you the FRESHEST, most consistent smoke and draw you will find….experience the Pura Vida Difference … < Read More >