Video Motion Graphics


Animated Business Man Doing Presentation

I’m an author on video hive and recently had an Adobe After Effects video of an animated business man doing a presentation with charts and graphs chosen for sale. Graphs are displayed in a playful way with paper balls wrinkling and crumbling back into balls. Lots of fun stuff to … < Read More >


Money Tree Video

I’m an author on Envatos Video Hive. When I have free time I design Adobe After Effects templates and other motion graphic files for sale. This is a Adobe After Effects template about growing money. Check out my money tree video or check out my complete video portfolio.  


After Effects Movie Title Animations


Introduction Video

This video animation was designed for a landing page. The primary focus was to explain how the software worked without getting overly technical. They want to show the concept of the software. The animation is simple and light. The story line was written by Scott Marino (That’s ME) and I … < Read More >


Video & Puppet Fabrication

This was a puppet project created for The primary focus was to have a fun, animated puppet video to announce their service. They will be using it to break the ice with new clients. < Read More >


Motion Graphic Demo Reel

I’m currently working on my motion Graphic demo reel. This is just a temporary short version while I work on it. It will show case all my skills including, After Effects, Photoshop, sound editing, and animation.

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Rob3rt Glitch Story

This is a stop frame animation project under development based on a funny¬† story I wrote and illustrated hopefully to be published. I built the character you see in the video out of foam latex based on the story character in the book. Originally cast from a clay sculpture I … < Read More >