Print Design


Vertical Product Advertisements

These are 2 vertical half page print ads I designed for a boat trade publication. I designed  everything using Adobe Photoshop Indesign and  Illustrator.


Trade Publication Advertisement

This is a full page advertisement for a trade publication. I designed all the background in Photoshop. The rest was done in Illustrator and Indesign.


EHR Media Kit

Below is a thumbnail image of the media kit I designed to help support the sales team when marketing to the Electronic Health Record Industry. I designed this particular booklet in Adobe Indesign along with Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Movie Posters

Below are some examples of movie posters I’ve designed. The client gives me a short description of the movie script and then I came up with the visual concepts. Some of the movies are not in production yet so temporary models are used until funding is collected. For some of … < Read More >

Complete CD Case with support promotion material

Print Design

For this project I took the photos and then did all the haunted special effects in Adobe Photoshop to make the ghost, textures and coloring. I used this as the theme for the entire package and completed the design with Adobe InDesign. Every aspect of this project was done by … < Read More >


Kat Von D Shoe Box Design

These are a few of the shoe boxes I designed from concept to completion for Kat Von D Redline  and white line clothing line. I’ll post a picture of the finals once they come back from the printer. All the design work was done using adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and indesign.


Shoe Box Package Design

Below are some shoebox, sole and sock inlay designs I recently finished. I designed everything using Adobe Indesign along with Photoshop, and Illustrator. I also took the photos of the shoes.  

sleep aid package design by scott marino

Sleep Aid Package Designs

Package I design For a sleep aid product for Nu-Life Vitamins < Read More >


Jumping Bean

This was a quick package bottle design and logo. They supplied the printing template from a company who prints pre-made drink formulas. The client requested a logo for the signs that can also be used for other print collateral. I designed the logo in adobe illustrator and put together the … < Read More >


Skin Lightener Package

This is a package design for Skin Rx Clinic’s Skin lightener cream. The main focus of this package was to highlight the natural ingredients which is a citrus based acid. I designed the package in Adobe indesign. I designed the logo using Adobe Illustrator and shot the photo of the … < Read More >